About Me

Hi! I’m Leslie, and I’m so glad that you’ve found me here!

I am a Jesus-loving wife, mommy, daughter, and friend from the deep south.

I have no writing background, I just have a lot of life experience…which makes up a pretty unique testimony. And a few months ago, the Lord laid it on my heart that I needed to share that testimony. So, here I am!

I have an intricate story of recurrent pregnancy loss, which makes up a large part of my testimony. I’m sure I’ll be blogging on it. My husband & I have been blessed with 2 sons, who have come to be a part of our family by very incredible acts of God. I will never cease to give Him the glory for each of my boys. I’d love to tell you about that sometime too.

I’ve known the Lord for a long time, but never like I’ve come to know Him in the last year or so. My relationship with Him has changed my life, and I hope that the message He has laid on my heart will also bless yours.

I hope you’ll stick around, get to know me, and check back often!




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