Why Peaches?

You may have wondered where the name of this blog came from. Why peaches?

When my first son was born, it was a cute little saying that I would tell to him…”I love you more than peaches.” Eventually, I started filling in the “peaches” blank with all of my favorite things…cupcakes, Cokes on ice, road trips…you get the idea.

As I was trying to think of a name for the blog, I knew I wanted to use something that described me & the situation of my life at the moment, but also gave glory to God. I started thinking about that saying…

Just as I used to say this to my baby boy, I can imagine God would say the same to us. He loves us more than anything imaginable…whatever you love the most in this world, whatever is your favorite… He loves you more than that.

My ultimate goal of this blog was to be a blessing to someone out there who needs it. What better blessing than to be reminded of the love our Heavenly Father has for us?

He loves you more than peaches.


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